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Traysee & Matt M.


Monique is a cool drink of water in the desert. As performers in Las Vegas, my husband, Matt & I sometimes need a shot of enCOURAGEment; being in the entertainment biz can be very stretching. Monique is an experienced performing artist who has developed an intimate relationship with the Most High, and so she has the insight to guide me to an attitude of gratitude. She's taught me to boldly trust God's timing and provision to accomplish our project AND to have fun doing it. During our session together Monique totally focused on me with compassion and a true heart to help ... and she did! She gave me great advice and after talking with her, my burden lifted and I felt much happier. Thank you Monique!

Elana Emerson.png

Elana E.

Financial Educator

When I heard Monique for the first time, I was mesmerized. Her voice gave me the much purity and conviction. The message she delivered that day I believe was tailored to me. Her words just flowed so effortlessly. This woman is Heaven-sent!

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Vernadette N.

Health & Fitness Advocate

I have always been hard-working and determined. Looking at me, most people would think that I am successful. But on the inside, I had mental blockages and struggled to fully welcome success. I never allowed myself to savor in the great things I did. Instead, I focused on what I thought I lacked.

I shared this with Monique. She helped me to see that not only am I deserving of love and everything that comes with the hard work I put in, but she put to rest the crazy notion that it was "bad" for me to gain monetarily from my efforts. She showed me that as I am blessed, it opens the way for me to bless my family and others, finally, in the way I truly desire to. 

I have had exponential growth both personally and spiritually as a result of meeting with Monique. I love and appreciate her so much!

Taralin Goldman_edited.png

Taralin G.


Monique is one of the most patient and dedicated persons I know. Whenever I hear her speak, I walk away feeling refreshed and totally revitalized. She is gentle with her words, and explains things in a way that I can always relate to and understand. I've listened to numerous motivational speakers and Monique has been the one to leave the largest impression on me.


I can't thank you enough Monique, for the lessons I've learned from you. Thank you for believing I could do it. I love you.

Cristina Moreno smiling.png

Cristina M.

Marketing Director

Monique was the Guest Speaker at a work event I attended. She asked if anyone had any immediate issues they wanted her to discuss. In front of all my colleagues, I shared how I've been in a funk lately and couldn't find my way out of it.

Immediately after I was done Monique asked me about sleep, and I broke down in tears...I had been having trouble sleeping for the past month and a half now. She asked me about exercise and I had recently picked it up. She then probed a bit deeper into my situation, while still using discretion as we were in a group setting.

With the small insight she gave at that moment, she dove into so many other subjects that all hit home for me. I felt a sense of relief, I got some clarity - Monique taught all of us a visual exercise that brings on relaxation and ultimately sleep. (This exercise helped me sleep that night almost immediately!)

Even though we only had about an hour with her, that small time frame had a hugely POSITIVE effect on me and my mindset. From the way Monique spoke and had a grace within her - I felt like I'd gone to church or prayed.


I thank Monique tremendously and appreciate the time she spent with us. Her teaching knocked my funk right out of the park! I will definitely seek her out again and have a lot more to ask.

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